1930 Rumpler RuV Stromlinien LKW Verlag Ullstein

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The Rumpler truck was a truck with a drop-shaped, aerodynamic body and front-wheel drive developed by the Austrian vehicle and aircraft designer Edmund Rumpler. The truck with three axles, of which two examples with different engines were built, was commissioned by the publisher Rudolf Ullstein for his Ullstein Verlag. The first RuV 29 lorry had a Maybach six-cylinder engine with 90 hp. The second Rumpler lorry, the RuV 31, had a twelve-cylinder V-engine with 150 hp and reached a top speed of 100 km/h. Continental had developed special tyres for this purpose. Continental had developed special tyres that were suitable for vehicles over 100 km/h. The payload was five tonnes. The coachbuilder Gottfried Lindner in Ammendorf had produced the lorry box van in cooperation with the Ambi-Budd pressing plant in Johannisthal and the Berlin coachbuilder Luchterhand & Freytag in Berlin-Tempelhof. Both vehicles were used by Ullstein Verlag to transport newspapers from Berlin to the Baltic seaside resorts. In 1943, the Rumpler lorries were destroyed in an air raid on Berlin.

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