Made to measure

Custom-made products are very individual and tailored to personal needs. In addition to the size of the showcase, different types and thicknesses of glass, but also base materials and frames, must be taken into account. There are hardly any limits to the variety!


Normal float glass is usually used. A transparent, mostly greenish looking glass. As an alternative - and of higher quality - a so-called white glass, also called Optiwhite, can also be used. The proportion of green in the glass is significantly reduced. Both types of glass are also available as safety glass, so-called ESG (safety glass), which guarantees increased resistance to breakage.


The following showcase is called “Favorite Pieces”. The base is made of real sandstone! The shape and the colors of each model car come into their own. In short, an individual and high-quality piece of furniture, which is a feast for the eyes, but which also unobtrusively and perfectly stages the exhibits.


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