Carrosserie Schebera GmbH was founded in Berlin-Tempelhof in February 1911 by Ernst Schebera and the businessman Paul Günther, who was also the owner of the Heilbronner Fahrzeug-Fabrik. The “Heilbronner Fahrzeug-Fabrik”, founded in 1905, ran into difficulties after the First World War and was merged into “Carosserie Schebera GmbH” in 1919. In the same year (1919) Ernst Schebera emigrated to the USA and worked there for the Fleetwood Metal Body Co. The head of the transaction was Jakob Schapiro, who became the leading speculator in the automobile industry during the 1920s. Jacob Schapiro became the new managing director and in 1920 also the owner of the Schebera Carrosserie. By resolution of the general meeting on December 27, 1924, the name of Carosseriewerke Schebera AG was changed to Schebera AG Automobilwerke. Schebera's clients were Adler, Audi, Daimler, Dixi, NAG, NSU, Protos, Opel, Rolls Roys, Siemens-Schuckert, Stoewer, and Vomag. In 1926, NSU had to take over the Berlin-based Schebera AG Automobilwerke, which was facing bankruptcy. Süddeutsche Carosseriewerke AG in Heilbronn was dissolved by resolution of the general meeting on October 25, 1930. The body production was sold to the Drauz-Werke.