AMBI-Budd Presswerk (ABP)

In 1926, the coach-buider factory AMBI-Budd Presswerk (ABP) was founded by Arthur Müller Bauten und Industriewerken (AMBI for short) and the American Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Co. The company was based on the site of the former Rumpler-Werke in the Johannisthal district of Berlin. AMBI held 51% and Budd 49% of the company. In 1927, ABP acquired 26% of the shares in Adlerwerke in order to secure sales of the car bodies. 800 workers produced 200 car bodies per day in all-steel construction, which made mass production of limousines possible. Budd had held a patent on it since 1914 and made a fortune from it. Budd also dominated American coachbuilding at the time! Ambi-Budd supplied finished bodyshells for Adler, BMW, Citroën, Cyklon, Fiat, Ford, Hanomag, Horch, Ley, Mercedes, NSU, Stoewer, you could say for almost all the well-known European car manufacturers. By 1930 Ambi-Budd already had about 3000 employees and was the largest press shop in Europe. Curious: In 1932, ABP exhibited a flying car with helicopter technology at the Funkausstellungshalle in Berlin (air code D-11032; registration number IA-011032). The ABP factory was dismantled in 1945 and the ABP company was dissolved.