Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport Grummer 1933

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The 6C model series from the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo was first presented to the public in 1925 and sold from 1927. The abbreviation 6C stands for sei cilindri (six-cylinder). The model series did not end until 1953.
At that time, Alfa Romeo was a manufacturer of complete chassis including engine and drive unit. The body shop was left to specialist companies that had made a name for themselves and were able to individually satisfy demanding customer requirements. It was not until 1933 that Alfa Romeo 6C models were also available with their own body. The Alfa Romeo 6C was built from 1934. This beautiful convertible was built by Grümmer (Grummer) in 1933.
Gaston Grümmer Carrossier was a French body manufacturer who designed and produced individual bodies for luxury cars in the period between the world wars. In the 1930s, Grümmer was considered a pioneer of lightweight construction and aerodynamics. The company existed until 1935 or 1939, depending on the source.

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