1938 Alfa Romeo 6c 2300 by Graber

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The 6C model series by the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo was first presented to the public in 1925 and sold from 1927. The abbreviation 6C stands for sei cilindri (six-cylinder). The model series did not expire until 1953.


At that time Alfa Romeo was a manufacturer of complete chassis including engine and drive unit. The body shop was left to special companies that had made a name for themselves and were able to satisfy demanding customer requests individually. It wasn't until 1933 that there were 6C models from Alfa Romeo with their own body. The Alfa Romeo 6C was built from 1934. This beautiful convertible was built by the Swiss body maker Graber in 1938.

The bodywork Hermann Graber was a Swiss manufacturer of automobile bodies based in Wichtrach (Canton of Bern), who designed and produced numerous special bodies for European and American chassis between 1926 and 1970. Some of Graber's creations won beauty awards before and after World War II. Graber was an exceptional talent and body-built a total of over 800 luxurious vehicles. He built most of the bodies on the Alvis chassis.

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