Ferrari 250 GTZ Zagato 1956 Tour de France #0515GT

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In 1956 Zagato received an unexpected commission. Two of Ferrari's paramount clients, Vladimiro Galluzzi of Milan and Camillo Luglio of Genova, had specifically requested Ferrari to supply two 250 GT LWB chassis to be bodied directly by Zagato. In these years, Ferrari had several other privileged carrozzeria - Ghia, Touring, Scaglietti, Vignale and Pinin Farina - performing nearly all of his coachwork, but due to the old friendship with Ugo Zagato, Enzo Ferrari accepted the offer. In addition, he was wise enough not to disappoint two of his most important customers.

For the Ferrari 250 GT LWB, Zagato used his lightweight, aeronautic techniques which he first adopted when founding his coach building company in 1919. This meant the lightweight and purposeful bodywork on the 250 GTZ not only looked incredible, it helped Camillo Luglio become the Italian sports car champion twice over.

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