1936 Voisin C25 Aerodyne

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Originally trained as an architect, Gabriel Voisin was able to sell well over 11,000 vehicles between 1919 and 1939. His cars were never conventional, always very expensive to buy and certainly not cheap to run, but he still had a loyal customer base, especially in the 1920s. They were real enthusiasts and loved to drive one of the most advanced and exclusive cars of its time.


The C24 'Aerodyne' was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1933. A second was unveiled a year later: it clearly shared its aerodynamic design theme with its predecessor, but the brightly painted C25 'Aerodyne' had a few new features, including an incredible sunroof and adjustable shock absorbers. Although not yet represented at the Voisin stand in Paris, the company announced two variants of the three-liter C25 chassis: the long wheelbase C26 and the shorter and lined C27.


Unfortunately the sales figures were bad. Only 28 examples of the C25 chassis were ever built, and with one and two, the C26 and C27 were even less successful. Voisin tried the even more advanced 3.3 liter C28 chassis, but despite the incredibly modern 'Aerosport' body with no separate fenders, the company struggled to find buyers for their cars. Unfortunately, Gabriel Voisin had to give up economically when he reached the peak of his technical skills.

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