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In 1933 Andre Citroën made automotive history as he decided to launch a passenger car, which technics was ahead of its time, on the market amidst a economic depression. Especially the self-supporting car body caused a stir at its premiere on April 18, 1934. But also the comfortable suspension and the front-wheel drive met with great approval. Offered under the designation 15-six (the car was equipped with a six-cylinder engine) the biggest version of the car range was available as from 1938. Horsepower of 78 hp and a displacement of 2.9 liter accelerated the car to a top speed of 145 km/h. Undoubtedly, Citroën ranked with this car among the top-level class of car manufacturers. Although the production was stopped only in 1941, the outbreak of World War II in 1939 hindered considerable production figures. Remarkably, the production was continued already in 1946.


Genuine requests and subsequently signed purchase agreements sufficed the management of Citroën to continue their production. One of these cars was delivered to the car body maker Antem, led by the 55-year-old Jean Antem. His company specialized in designing and building custom-made car bodies that were fitted to chassis of renowned luxury car manufacturers later on. Beside cars of Rolls-Royce, Mercedes or Delahaye also the Citroën 15-six fitted the concept. Compared to the standard 15-six, the car body maker fitted its version with opulent fenders and an elongated rear end. Few historical photos just prove the existence of the car, which was probably the biggest passenger car built on the chassis of a 15-six. More information about the car have not survived to the present day or have still not yet been found.


Like other custom-made bodies of the company Antem, also the Citroën did not turn out as a success. Obviously the body maker did not meet the liking of the customers. In 1955 the body maker ceased its production. 

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