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De Soto Firesweep Memphian Ambulance 1957

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Ambulance in US-Scale


In spring 1957 the private ambulance service named Globe Mortuary, based in Tucson, purchased a new ambulance. The decision of owner Jesse James Walker Jr. was in favor of a car of the brand DeSoto.


DeSoto was manufactured and marketed by the DeSoto Division of the Chrysler Corporation. In 1957 the model Firesweep, which mostly based on the chassis of the redesigned by the renowned designer Virgil Exner captive sister model Dodge Coronet, was initially presented. Distinctive mark of the new model were its back-then in USA very popular tail fins. The DeSoto model range included conventional road cruisers like sedans, station wagons, convertibles and coupes, but not special-purpose vehicles like an ambulance. Therefore the Memphis Coach Company had specialized in performing such alternations. The company advertised to convert the standard DeSoto station wagons suitably and according to the special requirements of the ambulance service. The car body maker from Memphis built and delivered the ambulance to its customer in summer 1957. The new ambulance reliably served its purpose for the next 15 years until the company Globe Mortuary ceased its work in medical first aid end of May 1972. In this course the car was sold and passed through several hands in the subsequent years. Unfortunately none of its previous owners took good care of the ambulance and finally, in September 1997, as the car got in the possession of Dawson Blackmore the former glory of the ambulance was almost gone.


But this luckily changed. Today the vehicle is restored and shines in its original splendor. 

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