Horch 850 Pullman Limousine Erdmann & Rossi 1935

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The Horch 850 was a luxury car that the German brand Horch, belonging to Auto Union, launched in 1934 as the successor to the 500 B (Horch 8). A total of 432 units were built until 1939. The Horch 850 had a 5-liter, eight-cylinder in-line engine that developed 100 hp. An "overdrive" additional gear was available on request. The chassis with a 3.75 m wheelbase. The total length of the car is 5550 mm. The turning circle is 16.5 m. Erdmann & Rossi was coachbuilder based in a Berlin which became known in the first half of the 20th century primarily for luxury bodies for Mercedes, Horch, Bentley etc. In 1949, Erdmann & Rossi built a last body on the chassis of a Maybach SW 42.

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