1929 Bugatti T44 Fiacre Chassis 441193

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In the early 1930s, Ettore Bugatti had made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-performance cars on both the road and the racetrack. The world's best pilots had countless successes behind the wheel of Molsheim racing cars, and many had adopted the brand's products as their personal means of transport. The Bugatti Type 44, presented in 1927, is considered the best touring Bugatti of the 1920s and was manufactured until 1931. Its production amounted to 1,095 units, 10% of which remain to this day.


This chassis # 441193 shows Jean Bugatti's magnificent factory-made two-door, four-true coupe body 'Fiacre', a design that was one of his personal favorites. According to factory documents, it was completed on November 27, 1929. Equipped with the engine number '398', it was billed to the Belgian agent René de Buck from Brussels for FF70,000. The invoice price for this particular chassis was 10,000 FF higher than normal, so it must be specified with particular care. It came with a factory built 'Fiacre' body that cost an additional FF 28,960, which was more than 50% higher than the current cost of a standard factory built sedan. The car was first registered on July 1, 1930, but unfortunately the name of its first owner is unknown.

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