1933 Delage D8S Roadster de Villars

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This car has a de Villars Coupe Roadster body featuring a long and low hood with sweeping skirted fenders and a raked windshield. It retains its original white color and white chassis and matching white wheels and white brake drums. The color white is used throughout the vehicle, including the interior which features a large white steering wheel. Underlying the elegant body is a standard Delage D8S, cranking 145 horsepower out of a 4.0-liter overhead-valve straight eight-cylinder engine that shares many of its parts with a co-developed aircraft engine. 

After being shown at the Salon de Paris 1934, the Coupe Roadster was sent to the Delage showrooms on Champs Elysees. It carried a sticker price that equaled its ambiance and exclusivity, at over 100,000 French francs. The first owner was Sr. Aurelio Lerroux, the son of Sr. Alejandro Lerroux the Prime Minister of Spain.

American Frank Jay Gould, owner of hotels and casinos on the French Riviera, decided to found a coachbuilding firm in 1925. It was an optimistic time; the War to End All Wars was seven years in the past, and wealthy Americans had come to Paris to enjoy the resurgence of art, literature and the good life. Gould's idea was to cater to this clientele.  He named the coachbuilding firm ‘De Villars’ after his son-in-law.

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