Joseph Neuss

The native of Aachen Joseph Neuss opened in 1857 his wagon construction business in Berlin. In 1889 his son Joseph Neuss Jr. took over the business. Among other things, the racing car Protos was built. Lieutenant Koeppen took part in the race from New York to Paris in 1908. With the third owner Karl Trutz from Coburg, they concentrated on the automobile business. Special bodies were built on Audi, Horch, Bugatti, Maybach and Mercedes chassis for prominent customers. Trutz made his company Joseph Neuss to one of the most respected body shop brands in the German Reich. In 1933 Joseph Neuss was taken over by Erdmann and Rossi. Until 1935 Erdmann & Rossi bodies still bore the additional name Neuss on the wagon plaque. Then the name Joseph Neuss disappeared.


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1931 Adler Standard 8 private car Walter Gropius

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Walter Gropius designed 30 vehicles and the Adler company logo. The model shows his private car. The leather belt is genuine leather.

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1929 Audi Imperator Personal Car of Rasmussen

Product no.: Autopioneer 06

Shortly after the acquisition of Audi in 1928, Rasmussen got this elegant convertible, bodied by the Berlin coachbuilder Josef Neuss.

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