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1952 GMC Suburban Ambulance

Product no.: EMUS43085D
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Pontiac Superior Bonneville 1963 Ambulance

Product no.: KE43026001

One of these Pontiac ambulances had transported J. F. Kennedy to the hospital after the attack.

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De Soto Firesweep Memphian Ambulance 1957

Product no.: AC 12010

In spring 1957 the private ambulance service named Globe Mortuary, based in Tucson, purchased a new ambulance.

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Product no.: GLP 121

A.V.I.S. (Italian Association of Voluntary Blood Donors) built an ambulance with which blood could also be collected in small towns.

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1969 Ford F100 Ambulance

Product no.: TRR119

With its size, strength and durability the Ford F100 was the perfect plattform to be used as an ambulance.

Availability 15.07.2021

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1963 Ford Fairlane 500 Ambulance Bourke District

Product no.: TRR111

The Ford Fairlane 500 Ambulance was used by the NSW Ambulance to help with medical emergencies.

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