Ferrari 854 Ferrarina Mitraglietta 1959

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Ferrari 854 Ferrarina Mitraglietta 1959 Prototyp Giotto Bizzarrini

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During the 1959 press conference, Enzo Ferrari presented the first (and only) Ferrari engine with a displacement of less than 1 liter: exactly 854 cc. Enzo wanted to design and develop a 1-liter GT. We can speculate that the Suez oil crisis of 1956, which gave birth to the Mini, the Isetta and many other small cars, could have got the ball rolling. Indeed, it was a third of a 250GT engine with a bore of 65mm and a stroke of 64mm crowned by an SOHC, and was characterized by the fact that it instantly delivered 75 horsepower at 6800rpm could - far ahead of the competition of the era. Enzo Ferrari himself tested the first prototype on the road. The temporary body comes from a Fiat, but the tubular chassis is "made in Ferrari" and was designed by Giotto Bizzarrini. The first prototype was tested in Monza in 1960.

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