Mercedes Benz 540K Cabriolet C 1939

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The chassis of the 500 K and 540 K had a wheelbase of 3290 mm and was supplied in two versions. After the transition to the 540 K, the Roadster and the Autobahn-Kurier were discontinued in February 1937. A year later, in February 1938, the same fate befell the Cabriolet C.

Of the two models of the W 29, a total of 761 chassis were produced at the Untertürkheim plant between February 1934 and November 1939, 342 of which were 5 l and 419 were 5.4 l. 70 chassis were delivered to body manufacturers for bodywork, the remaining 691 units received their bodies in the special vehicle construction of the Sindelfingen plant. The most popular was Cabriolet B with 296 units, followed by Cabriolet C with 122 and Cabriolet A with 116 vehicles. Even the exclusive and dignified special roadster produced a total of around 50 units, while the various coupé variants only managed 12, the Autobahn-Kurier only 6. 53 sedans and 28 open touring cars complete the balance sheet. There were clearly 20 two-door 540 K sedans in armored special versions.

With the 500 K and 540 K types, automotive legends had been created in Stuttgart and Sindelfingen that, even after decades, were able to arouse enthusiasm for Mercedes-Benz through their very existence and the technology and design expertise of the traditional brand with the star to convey. So it is no coincidence that both types are among the most sought-after classics today.

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