1928 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 MMS Targa Florio

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The 19th Targa Florio, also XIX Targa Florio, was a road race in Sicily and took place on May 6, 1928. 41 teams were registered, 20 of them Bugattis. It is considered to be one of the most exciting races of the 20s, with repeated changes at the top. With Eliška Junková, a woman led the race for the first time in the history of the Targa Florio. In the following laps Junková proved to be a tough opponent of the two Bugatti drivers Divo and Conelli and of Giuseppe Campari's Alfa Romeo. Campari was in the lead after the end of the third lap, only two minutes ahead of Junková. When Campari had a puncture on lap four, the advantage of his weight-free Alfa Romeo became apparent. Although he had to drive eleven kilometers on the rim, he only lost one minute on Junková, who was still in second place. The Alfa Romeo race management had several service stations set up around the track, which were connected by provisionally laid telephone lines. From there, service employees reported intermediate best times for Campari in the fifth lap. By the time he crossed the finish line, he was already being celebrated as a winner. Junková and Divo had started 40 minutes after Campari and it would have been advisable to wait for their arrival at the finish. In addition, the Alfa Romeo employees only recorded the times of their own works drivers and none of the competition. When Albert Divo crossed the finish line, he was 1 minute and 37 seconds faster than Campari. Shortly before that, Caberto Conelli was within two minutes of Campari. The disappointment at Campari and the Alfa Romeo team management was great. Eliška Junková lost her chance to win due to a defective engine cooling system and reached the finish line in fifth place while driving slowly. This model car shows the Campari racing car before the race, without its race number 16. 


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