1925 Peugeot 177 Motorboat car

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Lucien Rosengart is more known in automobiles than in shipbuilding, as he himself ran his own automobile factory from 1927 to 1955. In 1925 he used his influence as a Peugeot shareholder to persuade Robert Peugeot to get back into the motorboat business, after the Peugeot group had already produced boats with engines of 10-16 hp before 1905 and even set some speed records here.


Peugeot Maritime, based at 71 rue Danton in Levallois-Perret, was founded and Rosengart was its director. The company specialized in the manufacture of small cabin boats between 5 and 8 meters in length with low engine power for inland waters as well as in the construction of non-motorized canoes. In addition, boat engines and outboards were offered.


To make the new brand known, L. Rosengart organized in 1926 together with Eugene Massieu, President of the Association of the Shipping Industry, the “1. Salon Nautique ”in Paris. On the occasion of the salon, Rosengart launched a fleet of 20 Peugeot motorboats on the Seine at the dock of the castle of Viellees sur Seine in front of the press. The “Peugeot boat mobile” was even reported in the German press. By the way, the first known motorized amphibious vehicle was built in Denmark in 1899 under the name Magrelen Amphibium.

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