1948 Invicta Black Prince Saloon Charlesworth

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Were the Black Prince’s potential clientele scared off by the car’s ambitious technical features, its high price, its reputation for fragility or is somewhat sedate performance? It’s hard to tell. The main problem was that there was no real need for anything so complicated. Not in the austere context of late ‘40s Britain, anyway. It’s safe to assume the cars were made and sold at a loss. With sales remaining in the single digits, it was only a matter of time before production stopped in late 1949. Only 16 Black Prince chassis had been completed, but some were apparently only sold and bodied after liquidation.


Charlesworth established 1907 built bodies on many makes of cars. Alvis being one of the common users of their coachwork. Charlesworth had been formed by three partners and they had a licence for the Weymann body, but the company failed and was bought from bankruptcy to become Charlesworth Bodies (1931). Charlesworth spent the Second World War building aircraft components, and restarted coachbuilding in a small way in 1946 before closing in 1950. The premises were then taken over by Lea-Francis where the bodies of Lea-Francis Fourteen, Eighteen and Sports were built until the end of that company.

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