1932 Austro Daimler ADR 8 Alpine

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The Austro-Daimler ADR designed by the former Porsche employee Karl Rabe is a luxury car that the Austro-Daimler automobile company launched in 1927 as the successor to the ADM model. Austro Daimler is not the official company name. It is a so-called telegram or "wire" word.


'Austro Daimler' was founded as the "Austrian Daimler-Motoren-Commanditgesellschaft Bierenz Fischer u. Co" on August 11, 1899 in Wiener Neustadt. The first automobile built there was completed on May 14, 1900. In 1902 Paul Daimler came to Wiener Neustadt, took over the management of the company and became a personally liable partner. In 1906 Ferdinand Porsche succeeded Paul Daimler and became the company's technical director. After various renaming, Austro Daimler Puchwerke Aktiengesellschaft was deleted from the commercial register on May 10, 1935. This day marked the temporary end of the Austro Daimler brand.

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