Mercedes-Benz 710 SSK Murphy 1929

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Mercedes-Benz 710 SSK Murphy Roadster 1929 Chassis 36248

by EMC for B&G USA

Limited edition 70 pieces


This extraordinary and beautiful 1929 Mercedes Benz Type 710 SSK Chassis 36248 was body-built for Harold Isham, the son of railroad millionaire Albert K. Isham, by the American body shop Walter M. Murphy Co. Today's car belongs to Arturo Keller, the world-famous California winemaker. It also has a unique automobile collection: “The Arthur and Deborah Keller Collection”. Today the Mercedes is bordeaux-red. In 1980 he was white with light gray fenders.

Walter M. Murphy Co. was an American body shop located in Pasadena, California. The company was founded in August 1920 by Walter M. Murphy (1881-1961) and is mainly remembered today for its creations on the Duesenberg Model J. Chassis. According to records, Murphy built 125 Duesenberg bodies - around 25% of all models J, JN, SJ and SSJ (Ilario model: Düsenberg J Murphy Whittell Coupé)! When it was foreseeable at the end of 1931 that orders for one-off productions would decrease, Walter Murphy lost interest in the body shop and gave up the company in 1932. His former employees Christian Bohman (1892-1950) & Maurice Schwartz (1884-1961)) took over the remaining orders and founded their new company Bohman & Schwartz (1932 - 1947).

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