MCQuay-Norris Streamliner

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The Aluminum Egg


At McQuay-Norris; headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri; germinated the wish of a big promotion tour in the first half of the 1930s. The company fabricated parts for combustion engines, such as pilot lamps or specific bolts and considered itself as the leading manufacturer for piston rings in the US.


The plan for the promotion tour was not only to drive from dealer to dealer with an event with audience appeal; the head office intended to raise awareness on the streets during the trip as well. In the eyes of the responsible persons a unique car that would be regarded as the attraction itself seemed to be the perfect solution. This idea was the foundation for the later development of the car labeled as the McQuay-Norris Streamliner. The car rightly got its name due to its uncompromisingly realized streamline shape. Especially the semicircular front appearance of the body showed how restrictively the principles of rheology applied. Due to a top speed of 129 km/h (80 mph) the promotion vehicle was fitted with special high-performance tires. The remarkable top speed was reached, beside aerodynamic reasons in the first instance, by the power of the integrated V8 Ford flathead engine with a capacity of 3.6 liters and a performance of 85 hp. The, during the promotion tour, visited dealers were located in Canada, the USA and Mexico. In order to master this mammoth task of over 100,000 miles, McQuay-Norris ordered six streamlined vehicles of this type. Both construction and production took place at the company Hill Auto Body Metal, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The new aluminum-steel body on a wooden frame was mounted on a Ford chassis with a wheelbase of 2.84 meters and four mechanic brakes slowed the vehicle down.


The production lasted one year and from 1934 the six McQuay-Norris Streamliners went on their big promotion tour. The tour ended only in 1940, but it is not clear whether the acts of war led to a compulsory end.

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