1930 Ford AA Tandem Scuderia Ferrari

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The Scuderia Ferrari (Italian "Rennstall Ferrari") is the motorsport department of Ferrari. Ferrari began its racing activities in the 1930s. It was not until 1940 that Scuderia Ferrari started with its own racing vehicles. After Enzo established the corporate structure of the new “Scuderia”, received a loan from the bank, and had a building in Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena in mind, he convinced Alfa Romeo and Pirelli to become partners. Then Enzo signed two more contracts with Bosch and Shell.

Enzo Ferrari had clear ideas from the start: His Scuderia would make its debut in a highly regarded race, the Mille Miglia. Three Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS raced on April 13, 1930. The competition did not go as hoped. None of his racing cars crossed the finish line.

It didn't take Scuderia Ferrari long to make up for this setback. On June 15, it took part in the Trieste-Opicina, a 7.4 km mountaineering race from Piazza Dalmazia in Trieste to the Obelisk in Opicina in the Karst region. The route was so fast that it became known as "Uphill Monza". The Scuderia meanwhile had Tazio Nuvolari under contract, a real legend. The Ford AA Tandem transported his Alfa Romeo P2.

Nuvolari, with the mechanic Francesco Severi at his side, brought Scuderia Ferrari its first victory and set a new record average of 95.151 km / h. It was the first in a very long series of victories that continues to this day.

The relationship between Enzo Ferrari and Alfa Romeo was successful and turbulent. It began in 1920 and ended on September 6, 1939. Alfa Romeo boss Ugo Gobbato informed Enzo that his services as a consultant were no longer needed. With this, Gobbato practically liquidated Scuderia Ferrari. The goal was to organize all racing activities in-house. The termination agreement cost Alfa Romeo quite a bit because it forbade Enzo to build racing cars under his name. Enzo Ferrari elegantly circumvented this restriction and built a sports car for two motorcycle racers for the participation in the Mille Miglia 1940. One of these two Avio Costruzioni Tipo 815 cars survived (see R.A.R.E. Models Article 43039A).

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