Mercedes-Benz Race Transporter 1924

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The first race transporter in the world


The racing cars that Mercedes Benz used in the 1920s were mostly designed specifically for each race and precisely tuned to a specific track, the lap numbers, and other factors. Despite this master plan, there were always problems during the practice laps. These had to be eliminated immediately until the start of the race. At that time, the racers had only two options: Either they drove their racing cars on their own axle back to the workshop, which was not safe and which strained the cars additionally, or they transported the race car on a conventional truck. But this took a very long time.


This brought Christian Werner and Alfred Neubauer, two racing drivers of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, in 1924 the idea of constructing something new: a fast transporter.


They transformed a standard touring car Mercedes 24/100 / 140PS at 3,100 / min (6 cylinders and 6,242 cm2 displacement) by converting the rear into a pick-up. Through this, a complete Grand Prix car could be transported. Noteworthy was the adventurous-looking ramp. Their advantage is obvious: With four wedges, the racing car sits rock solid. In this way, a 140-hp 'express transporter' was created, which could transport the race car in a hurry. At the Grand Prix of Italy, this express transporter premiered in October 1924.


In 1926, Alfred Neubauer became the racing director of Mercedes Benz and organized the motorsport appearances of the Stuttgart car brand for over three decades. He took up the idea of a fast transporter again in the mid-1950s and commissions a car in the experimental workshop, which becomes as legendary as the Silver Arrows: the race transporter 'Blue Wonder' racing car transporter from Mercedes-Benz!

Mercedes S-Type Saoutchik Roadster 1929 CH.35968 

Limited Edition 15 (!)


Founded by cabinet maker Jacques Saoutchik. Saoutchik was a top-class French coach building company founded in 1906. In the 1930s the company became famous for their high quality and often extravagant designs. After Jacques died in 1955, the company passed into the hands of his son Pierre. With the great French luxury car manufacturers all going out of business, the market for the ostentatious Saoutchik designs evaporated and the company ceased trading in 1955. They styled flamboyant and expensive automobile bodies for classic brands such as Bugatti, Delahaye, Pegaso, and others.

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