1936 Düsenberg Limousine Landaulet Rollston

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In winter 1928 the almost incredible 'Duesenberg Model J' was announced. The new model premiered at the Importers' Salon in New York. Fred Duesenberg had created his masterpiece: the large chassis with a 3.60 or 3.90 m wheelbase was very solid with 20.6 cm high side members. Of course there were hydraulic brakes again, but this time with drums with a diameter of 38.1 cm. There was also oversized steering and a 100-liter tank. The huge 6.9-liter engine with two overhead camshafts and a five-bearing, 67.5 kilogram alloy steel crankshaft had a double carburetor from Schebler and even chrome-plated intake ducts. The transmission with three forward gears and the central lubrication supplemented the offer. All in all, the Duesenberg J was perhaps the most carefully designed automobile of its time.

Legends are about the performance of the engine. The official figure was 265 SAE-PS, which corresponded to approximately 210 PS according to the DIN standard. The specified maximum speed was 185 km / h, which was actually achieved with a touring car model. The gasoline consumption was regularly about 21-29 liters per 100 kilometers, but this was within the scope of other luxury automobiles with comparable engine performance. In this context, it should be noted that it has become natural to classify the surviving Duesenberg J according to the engine numbers, not the chassis numbers. This Düsenberg J has the chassis number 2605 and the engine number 577. The car was made for a businessman from Boston in 1936.

The Rollston Company was an American manufacturer of automobile bodies and was founded in 1921. In 1938, Rollston went bankrupt. The company was dissolved. The New York City-based company manufactured exclusive superstructures for chassis from North American and European top-class manufacturers. The closest business relationship was with Packard. In the 1930s, Rollston also manufactured a total of 57 bodies for the Duesenberg Model J and JN.

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