Delahaye 134N Autobineau Letourneur & Marchand 1934

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The Delahaye 134 is a four-cylinder luxury automobile manufactured by Delahaye. Based on Jean François' Delahaye 135, it was produced from 1933 to 1940. In total only about 900 cars were built. Being the smaller version of the Delahaye 135, the chassis of the 134 was the base for the 135 Le Mans race cars.


This 1934 Delahaye 134N was built by the French Autobineau. Autobineau was founded in 1924 as a subsidiary of Letourneur & Marchand. It produced more or less standardized bodies using industrial methods. In this way, much larger quantities could be achieved than with the production of the parent company, which specializes in manual labor. Contact to the exclusive Parisian sports car manufacturer Delage was established through Autobineau. In a few years 2000, Autobineau manufactured more or less identical superstructures for the Delage DI. In addition, there were still individual bodies that were created on customer request.

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