1965 Sunbeam Monster Tiger Alan Fraser

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The Sunbeam Tiger is best known in racing circles for the success of its Works European rally program from 1964-66, but the car also enjoyed sports racing success with privateer teams during the same period, and for many years after. Tigers continue to acquit themselves admirably in vintage racing even today.


The actual car has its origins in 1964 in the beautiful, but fragile, Sunbeam Lister Tiger Le Mans Coupes that were raced at the prestigious 24 Hour Race in 1964. Later, one of those cars fell into the hands Rootes factory test driver, Bernard Unett. After Alan Fraser saw Unett win 11 races for the 1965 Autosport Trophy in the Lister Tiger Coupe, he approached Unett about collaborating on a Tiger. That car would become the Monster. The Sunbeam Monster Tiger is available in a limited run of no more than 143 units, appearing as the car did as raced by the Alan Fraser team in 1966.

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