Maserati A6 Berlinetta Zagato 1949

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Maserati A6 is the internal designation of a sports car by the Italian car manufacturer Maserati, which was officially sold as the Maserati 1500 GT. It was the first road vehicle to be mass-produced by Maserati and also the last model of the company to be developed with the participation of members of the Maserati family.​

Zagato is the epitome of Italian car design. For Ferrari, Aston Martin or Alfa Zagato drew fantastic car models. Zagato (ZED Milano s.r.l.) is an Italian design and development office based in Rho in the outskirts of Milan. The company is one of the oldest existing body designers in Italy. In 1919, Carrozzeria Zagato was founded by Ugo Zagato. Currently, the company is run by Andrea Zagato and his wife Marella Rivolta-Zagato in the third generation.


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