Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet Norrmalm 1938

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This stunning 5.4-liter Mercedes is a unique bespoke design with coachwork by Norrmalms (a a small Swedich coachbuilder). It was originally sold to a very wealthy Swede named Max Gumple, who was at the time dating Greta Garbo. This is one of only three cars known to exist with Norrmalm coachwork, and the only Mercedes Benz to wear such. The other two cars are a Volvo and a Packard. The chief of design for Normmalm, Mr. Johan Oscar Olhager, was influenced by the German, French and Italian designers of the time and he had a different style than the other Swedish coachbuilders of the era. With the need to integrate the heavy top and its structure with clean lines, he used very innovative techniques for the time.

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