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ALFA ROMEO 6C 2500 “AUTOEMOTECA” made for A.V.I.S. Carrozzeria


Limited edition: 50 pieces 

100% made in Italy


During the post-war reconstruction period, at A.V.I.S. in Milan, (Italian association of blood donor volunteers) the idea of setting up a vehicle that allows the collection of blood even in small towns is realized, and a car is commissioned from Alfa Romeo with a whole range of specifications seen first in Italy. 

In this way, with this particular frame 25006c, the Nr. 913.444 was born. This “Autoemoteca”, (blood bank on a car) which will offer great advantages for the collection of precious human blood. The car was designed by the Alfa Romeo Technical Office, elaborating the requests of the A.V.I.S. and materially realized by the Carrozzeria Colli di Milano in a single exemplar. The Carrozzeria Colli was a valid structure, founded by Giuseppe Colli and later managed by his four sons, it also served as a "laboratory" for all the particular versions of the “Biscione” house, and collaborated closely and directly with the same Technical Office in Via Gattamelata in Milan. In that moment was no still available to Alfa Romeo van “ROMEO” who will born in 1954, and the only way for have a van was to body one of the last 6c2500 chassis available in 1950/51.   


Externally, the Autoemoteca 25006c was very similar to an ambulance, of which it resumed its colors and external shapes, but it had to allow people to move internally, thus appearing decidedly high. Internally it was equipped with two specific chairs for donations, as well as a large refrigerator that can accommodate the bottles of blood, a bench equipped to handle the withdrawal, and even a sink with tap and water tank independent.

In addition there was an independent heating system, which is visible on the roof in the shape of a small fireplace. It was definitely a very innovative vehicle for the early fifties, both for the specific use and for the technical solutions adopted. The glass parts were almost all descendants, including the rear doors, just to leave visibility to those who donated blood, also promoting visibility from the outside. Access was from the rear doors and the donor could sit down, and with the help of the staff proceeded to the withdrawal. It was a real mobile transfusion center and in the first year of activity it allowed to collect more than 14 thousand bottles of more than 4 million cubic centimeters of blood! This particular car was built from May 5, 1950 (date of preparation of the chassis) and delivered over to the AVIS on May 23, 1951. The Autoemoteca was used for many years by A.V.I.S. and then its important service was unfortunately demolished.

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