1947 Delahaye 135M 'Narval' Figoni & Falaschi

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The Narval Design by Figoni et Falaschi


One of their most flamboyant and artistic Figoni et Falaschi designs was the Narval or 'Narwhal', based upon the Delahaye 135M chassis and introduced at the 1946 Salon de Paris. It was named 'Narval' for its prominent front treatment, like a Narwhal or perhaps a Beluga Whale. Seven examples were built, no to two exactly alike.


This beautiful black Delahaye 135M Narval was built for a wealthy industrialist in Ohio. It’s design was inspired by the elegant motion of aquatic mammals, specifically the Narwal. It was built for the President of The Prima Company Ohio, and was showcased in a magazine ad for “Covergirl Dress Flats by Prima,” hence the car’s nickname “Cover Girl.

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