1935 Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Avus Record Car

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History:The Adlerwerke previously Heinrich Kleyer AG (Frankfurt), were among the most important German automobile manufacturers before the First World War. Of the 55,000 passenger cars that drove in the German Reich in 1914, every fifth car was an Adler! In the twenties and thirties Adler was always the third or fourth largest car manufacturer. For comparison, about 46.5 million cars are registered in Germany today! Heinrich Kleyer and Edmund Rumpler formed the management team. Hans Gustav Röhr was the chief designer from 1931-1935 and designed the Adler Trumpf Junior Sport land speed record car.


The Adler Trumpf Junior was produced from 1934. It had front-wheel drive like the larger model, the Adler Trump, but an engine capacity of only one litre. In 1934 and 1935, just over 100,000 Adler Trumpf Juniors were built.


The Record Run:On March 25, 1935, an Adler Trump Junior Sport land speed record lap by lab d car began to turn round by round on the Avus motorway. A standard Adler Trumpf Junior was given a two-daysports car trial with a 1000 cc engine. The only new things introduced were streamlined wheel covers and the driver's hood. In addition, the compression of the engine had been increased to 1:7,6 and the muffler removed. The sum of these measures resulted in a final speed of 125 km / h, so it was possible to drive parade-laps of 115 km / hour.


The racing drivers Paul Schweder and Rudolf Hasse (Bruno Jaddatz was added on the third day) took turns while driving the Adler. The trip was originally planned as a factory trial. The car would be tested to see how long the  Adler could withstand reckless driving at a target speed of 110 km / hour, without the engine failing. As the end of the 48-hour journey approached, the crew were a bit puzzled. The Adler had already driven 5,000 km and the target speed was met. But the decision-makers on the ground decided to test who could keep up the pressure for longer - human or machine? The result was a clear victory for the machine!


The Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Record Car drove around 16,000 km in seven days and six nights! On the penultimate day Paul von Guillaum joined as the fourth driver. When, after 151 hours, the trip was cancelled, the Adler still had a total average speed of 103.36 km / h, breaking 13 existing world records. And this despite a heavy snowstorm on the penultimate day of the record run. The journey took place using Conti balloon tyres 4.5 / 17 and fuel from Aral. The record run was measured by the sports facilities of the DDAC (Der Deutsche Automobil-Club) . After the record run, the car drove to the opening of a highway in the convoy, and was then shelved by the Adler Sports Department. In 1943 the Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Record Car was destroyed in the bombardment of the Allied forces.

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