1960 DiDia 150 Dream Car

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The most expensive Car in the World!


The headline should correctly read: The most expensive ‘custom-made’ car in the world! Under this designation the car entered the ‘Guinness Book of Records’. 

In 1961 the musician Bobby Darin bought the road cruiser, which went down in history as ‘DiDia 150’. At that time, he paid the amount of 150,000 U.S. dollars – about 1,5 million U.S. dollars at today’s values. Of course, the question arises, what was it that made the car so expensive? It was simply its uniqueness paired with a luxury that was completely new for a car at that time. The metallic red paint of the road cruiser, which was mixed with the dust of industrial diamonds, was a superlative. The electrical opening of the doors was not done by using a ‘boring’ handle, but by the touch of a button. The flush-mounted wipers recognized the beginning of rainfall and did its task automatically. The luxurious ambience was extended to each of the four seats - all passengers had their own radio loudspeaker and; as smoking was still fashionable; their own ashtray with a lighter! Among all these ‘show-off’ features the standard air condition faded into the background. Responsible for this abundance of luxury was textile designer Andrew DiDia. In 1953, the 35-year-old commissioned the company Clarkaiser Customs in Detroit. Overall the sophisticated, custom-made production and adaptions of the individual features took seven years – initially it was assumed that the production time would be only two years! It should not go unmentioned that only four men did the job.

In 1960, when Andrew DiDia received his unique car, he got an invoice of exactly 93,647.29 U.S. dollars. But this amount should not have caused the textile designer any headache, as at that time he already had a buyer on his hand with Bobby Darin, who bought the car and drove it until 1970.

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