1940 Maybach SW 38/42 Pullman-Limousine

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The original car (chassis no. 1926, engine no. 11369) was delivered to the director of Knieriem, IG Farbenindustrie, Ludwigshafen, on Aug. 28, 1937: 6-windows, 6/7-seater (leather front and corduroy rear), sliding partition, split windshield, roll-up roof, and long wheelbase. The original color is not known according to the Maybach register. The price at delivery was RM 20,084. The Maybach factory in Friedrichshafen bought the car back on 21.04.1950 and commissioned the coachbuilder Spohn (Ravensburg) with a 'modern' new body, now for the customer Dr. Oetker, Bielefeld. The car was delivered on 02.09.1950, painted black and trimmed in dark green. Later, the Maybach went to Great Britain and was used by the German Embassy, among others, for a state visit of Dr. Adenauer to Queen Elizabeth II. In the mid-1960s, an English agent sold the car to the USA. There it had several owners. In the early 80s it returned to Germany. Today the car is two-tone: cream/light green.

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