1935 FRM Streamline Jaray

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As big plans failed


The driving forces behind the founding of FRM in the first half of the 1930s were Stefan Fischer and Otto Reimann. FRM was a abbreviation and stood for ‘Fischer Reimann Motoren’.

Stefan Fischer brought technical knowledge to the company. He had studied vehicle design. Through his studies and related interests, he made Paul Jaray’s acquaintance. Paul Jaray considered Stefan Fischer as a promising talent. Merchant Otto Reimann saw the potential but faced the task of financing the formation of a company. The two men were able to convince the bank ‘IG Selig’ of their plans and they provide with the necessary capital. Seven men initially found employment at FRM and devoted themselves to building the first prototype.

In 1935, the test vehicle was put on its wheels. The gentlemen were satisfied with their work towards the turn of the year, so that from spring 1936 longer test drives – including to Berlin – were possible. One of the first trips led Stefan Fischer to Switzerland to Paul Jaray, presumably to demonstrate the car to the master of vehicle aerodynamics and probably also the mentor of Stefan Fischer. 

From a technical point of view, there was not much left that excluded the starting of production, but the political development of those years became more and more of a decisive factor. Stefan Fischer was Jewish and in 1938 he finally decided to turn his back on his country and flee to Great Britain.

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