1934 Audi Front UW 8/40 PS Paul Jaray

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Revolutionary Zeitgeist


In 1933 DKW contacted the aerodynamic specialist Paul Jaray and tasked him to design a streamlined body for their new Type UW, which was initially presented at the International Motor Show in Berlin 1933.


Jaray remained true to his principles and placed great importance a sleek design with a low windage. Striking feature of the design was its roundish, teardrop-shaped passenger compartment which was fitted with a small tail fin. The special shape of the passenger compartment was also Jaray’s signature feature for which he applied a patent on 8 September 1921; finally granted in 1926; and which he improved over the years. Related to the year 1933 he fitted his until then best concept, which was perfected aerodynamically to create a minimum of turbulence caused by body details that would cause drag, to the Type UW. Compared to the common UW Jaray’s design was very futuristic and this was probably also its biggest problem. Considering that the back-then common car design featured external mudguards, opulent, upright radiator grilles, stand-alone front-lights, external bumpers and spacious trunks, Jaray’s design seemed to be out of this world and it is relatable why the design did not meet the “taste” of the potential buyers. All this is aggravated by the fact that the Type UW ranked among the mid-range cars and this class of customers is best known for its conservative setting.


But in the end all this remain a presumption. It is not known if Audi even considered to bring Jaray’s design into series production.

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