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Mercedes-Benz Type 320 Cabriolet A 1936/1940

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In February 1937, Type 320 was introduced as the successor to the Type 290. It was also used the chassis of the 290, on which longer and wider bodies were placed. The 320 was designed as a touring car with which one could effortlessly master even larger distances. From 1938, the engine was increased to 3.4 liters to compensate for the deteriorating gasoline quality. In addition, a transmission with integrated overdrive was installed, so that the maximum speed could be permanently driven on the existing motorway sections. Although not designed sporty, distinguishes the 320-he good road holding and pleasant power-saving handling. At that time it cost a whopping 13,500 RM and was produced 5133 times in the Mannheim plant.

The exact history of this car is unknown. In the recent restoration, the original body still had traces of bullet holes! The body was built 1939 in Mannheim, the engine 1940 in Sindelfingen produced.

The manufacturer Evrat has 1936 specified as the date of manufacture. However, according to our research, the correct date of production is 1940, as the restored original car is currently being sold with this date.

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1 - 1 of 6 results