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DELAHAYE Record Monthlery Figoni & Falaschi 1934

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Encouraged by good results of a record attempt made in the summer of 1933, the Service Course Delahaye (Delahaye competition department) decided to go further. They designed a real record car on a lighter chassis with no front brakes and Rudge centre-nut wheels with special tires that can be easily dismantled. The engine is the 18 CV with power output increased up to 110 bhp. The aerodynamic body is a creation of Figoni & Falaschi in a style similar to that of Hotchkiss and Renault recently seen at Montlhéry to beat records too. The car is able to exceed 190 km/h.

On May 8, 1934 Albert Perrot supported by two other drivers took the wheel and within two days broke three world speed records: 4,000 miles, 5,000 miles and 48 hours achieving more than 176 km/h average. The race continued to beat fourth record: the 10,000 km average of 168,527 km/h.

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