Stabilimenti Farina

Stabilimenti Industriali Giovanni Farina S.A. in Torino was the coachbuilding company founded in 1919 by Giovanni Farina, older brother of Battista 'Pinin' Farina. At the age of 11 Battista learned the trade in his brother's company and eventually started his own company Pinin Farina (later one word Pininfarina) in 1930. Stabilimenti Farina closed down in 1953 and Giovanni died in 1957. Farina has become one of the most famous automotive names because of the two coachbuilding companies Stabilimenti Farina and Battista's own Pininfarina, but also because of their nephew Nino Farina, who was the very first Formula One champion. Stabilimenti Farina was also the company where Alfredo Vignale learned the trade of coachbuilding before starting his own 'carrozzeria'.


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Ferrari 166 Inter Carbriolet Stabilimenti Farina 1950

Product no.: AM43 F68

Shown at the 1950 Paris Motor Show, this was the third of three 166 Inters fitted with a Cabriolet body by Stabilimenti Farina.

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