Walter Regent Sodomka


Walter Regent Sodomka

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The classy Czechoslovak


In the late 1920s the Czechoslovakian car maker Walter began to enter the market for large limousines and developed a six-cylinder overhead-valve engine. The engine was initially used in the model Super 6, which was presented in 1930.


The successor of the Super 6 beared the name Regent and was presented in the spring of 1932. The special feature of the Regent was its body, which was not made in-house, but at the body maker Carrosserie Sodomka. The designers of Sodomka created a curved and dominated by elongated shapes car body around the chassis fitted with the six-cylinder engine. An eyecatcher were its front fenders, whose curves discreetly tapered towards the rear end. This design language was additionally emphazised by entirely covered rear wheels. Also prominent were its onto the front fenders fitted and slightly to the bottom pointing headlights, which, together with the large radiator grille, gave the front end a lightly sad impression. A closer inspection of the luxury car body revealed that the car was missing the B-pillar, which commonly seperated the front door from the rear door visually. Therefore the impression was created that both doors had just one long full-length window. This contructive coup was implemented in a very skilfull way and was of course reserved to the closed version of the limousine, which eactly cost the customer 125,000 CZK at the launch. The open version had a price tag of 137,000 CZK. Both versions beared with “Walter Regent” the same designation. Well-heeled customers, who did not like the design of Sodomka, had the option to purchase just the chassis equipped with the whole drivetrain to fit it with their own body design. These customers had to put 85,000 CZK on the counter of the dealer.


The Regent was offered for five years, but no better than “a few dozen” copies of the 130 km/h-fast luxury limousine have been sold.   

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