1947 Porsche 360 Cisitalia

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In 1946, Italian entrepreneur and racing enthusiast Piero Dusio engages the services of Porsche engineering for his new Cisitalia Brand. The Cisitalia Grand Prix was designed by Porsche between 1946–47, and is therefore also known by its Porsche project number, Typ 360.


This single-seater not only dazzles with its gleaming light-alloy body but is technically far ahead of its time in many respects. Power form the 1.5 litresupercharged twelve-cylinder engine is transmitted via driver-engaged four-wheel drive.


Despite the difficult and often improvised conditions of the post-war era in the small town of Gmünd, deep in the Austrian Alps. the car is completed, but it never makes it beyond the test stage due to financial problems.

Today the Porsche 360 Cisitalia Grand Prix 1947 is displayed in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart. Wonderful!!!

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