Alexis Kellner AG (Berlin)

Alexis Kellner AG in Berlin, founded by Consul General Alexis Kellner, existed from 1910 to 1930 before it was taken over by Drautz in Heilbronn. Please do not confuse the Alexis Kellner AG with the coachbuilding company Kellner und Söhne, which was founded by Jacques Kellner in Paris (France). In 1929, Alexis Kellner AG ran into economic difficulties due to a lack of demand during the banking crisis and filed for bankruptcy in 1930. In the same year, the name and patent rights were sold to the competitor Drauz in Heilbronn. This included the Kellner patent for the use of a leather strap in the centre above the soft top to prevent the fabric roof from bulging when a convertible was driven at speed. This patent was mainly used by Ford Germany. After the takeover, Drauz closed Alexis Kellner AG in Berlin and opened Karosserie Alexis Kellner GmbH in Heilbronn. This was only a sales company for Drauz bodies. After one or two years, Drauz then also closed the Alexis Kellner GmbH sales company in Heilbronn.