1954 Oldsmobile Cutlass Concept

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The 1954 Oldsmobile Cutlass Concept took its name from the military Chance-Vought Cutlass, a Navy fighter plane. Aviation theme was prevalent throughout the Cutlass. Instrumentation resembled aircraft instruments. The underside of the front fenders was wide open and was perforated to permit exhaust of engine heat. The Cutlass had no outside trunk lid to open. Access to the luggage compartment was reached from inside the car. The entire body was of reinforced plastic mounted on a 110-inch wheelbase chassis with a 51.5-inch road height. Other features included a combination bumper-grille, swivel seats and copper-toned glass for screening harsh light.


The Cutlass made its debut at the 1954 GM Motorama. The body of the Cutlass was painted metallic silver with a white and copper leather interior. It was powered with a 250-horsepower advanced version of the Rocket V8 engine.

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