1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 Graber Drophead Coupe

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In 1954 a well-appointed DB2/4 was send to Graber of Switzerland for custom Drophead Coupé bodywork. Distinct from it’s Tickford-built counterparts, the Graber had many of the typical Aston Martin traits in a much cleaner overall shape. The car was first ordered by A.N. Norrish Esq. of Genova-Quarto, Italy who sent a bare chassis from Astin Martin to Graber in Wichtrach, Switzerland. Graber’s techniques differed from those in the UK. For instance, they fashioned the entire front end in aluminum and left everything behind the front windsheild in steel. This let them weld the body directly to the frame. The doors and posts were supported by wooden oak framing.


The car was completed in May of 1955 and sold through the Stierli Garage in Zürich, Switzerland. After spending considerable time in Switzerland, the car was put in long term storage in Basel. There it stayed until 2007 when it was sold to Los Angeles.

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